Get Rid of Body Fat in No Time

Obesity is a big concern, with around 41.9% of the US population being overweight or obese. Sadly, the numbers have risen over the decades, affecting people’s lifestyles. Some people are concerned about their health and try every possible way to deal with and lead a healthy lifestyle. A fitness center with or without a personalized trainer becomes one of the most common approaches. Remember, it is not always easy to get results; even if you do, it’s great, but maintaining it can be tricky. Moreover, you can gain weight after taking a break from your physical exercise routine.

O’Connor Health Center is Here for You!

Do you realize the importance of healthy living? If not, then it’s time you do! You might be doing things wrong, and it is time to do it the right way. Have you heard of or tried weight loss programs? If you have experienced it in the past but found no substantial benefits and regained weight after the program or witnessed any side effects, you might be doing it wrong. O’Connor Health Center provides fat loss programs where patients can reap benefits without surgeries, prescriptions, injections, diet pills, or more. Before the program, O’Connor Health Center provides a carefully planned free workshop by Dr. Jennings that helps you learn how to lose fat in a supportive community.

About the Program

Every session is planned by the doctor and overseen by an experienced, certified Applied Kinesiologist assistant. The workshops are customized depending on individual needs, goals, and challenges. It is not about one or two approaches but a combination. Don’t forget that the program is easy, supportive, and fun, and you’ll lose fat in a short amount of time. You may start seeing the results in a week which doesn’t imply it is a shortcut program; instead, there are time-tested methods that create a strong ethical drive and commitment for you. The whole idea is to achieve goals while protecting your health.

Even if you don’t have time to work out, get in shape, or don’t know where to start, lack motivation, and hate starving or restrictive diets, we can still help! O’Connor Health Center sessions target abnormal fat around the waist, hips, and thighs by –

  •   By getting rid of toxins
  •   Increasing metabolism
  •   Eliminating hunger and cravings
  •   Balancing fat-burning hormones

You will have no problems sticking to the program with our support and unlimited consultations. The results you witness will give you the motivation and will to succeed. Once you get rid of cravings, the nutritional program will help you tone up and change your mindset from “being on a diet” to finding that you can live without cravings. When you work with O’Connor Health Center, you’re not only going to transform the way you look and feel, but you will transform your life as well!

So, get started today and schedule your consultation at (650) 334-1010.

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