Are You Approaching Weight Loss Wrong?

Losing weight is a considerable challenge for people, trying everything to succeed in their goals. Many people cut down their calories and exercise to lose weight, while others reduce their calorie intake. There are so many opinions that they can be overwhelming and often misleading. It is crucial to get on the right path rather than putting efforts in vain. Many are likely to make these common mistakes in their journey to lose weight.

  • Skipping breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It may seem like cutting out breakfast can eliminate many calories, but it would surely keep you hungry throughout the day. This would make you snack all day at work and eat a good portion of lunch, increasing your calories for the day.
  • Drinking less water – Staying hydrated is easy, but not many people do it. Water helps in burning calories. If you don’t drink enough water and dehydrate yourself, your metabolism drags, which means slower weight loss. Drink a glass of water after every snack and meal.
  • No snacking – It is unhealthy if you snack all day without paying attention to your eating habits. However, taking small meals and snacks may likely control your hunger and diet. If the snacks are protein-rich, they can help you.
  • Sipping calories – Coffee and alcohol contain too many calories. Even your fruit juices and other sugary drinks are high in calories. The next time you want to drink anything, you might want to consider it beforehand.
  • Unrealistic goals – If you aim to lose 20 pounds in a week and do not lose it, instead lose 5 pounds and are highly disappointed, you are probably wrong from the beginning. It is highly unreasonable to set ambitious goals that are kind of unrealistic.


O’Connor Health Center provides fat loss programs where patients can reap benefits without surgeries, prescriptions, injections, diet pills, or prepackaged food. Before the program, O’Connor Health Center provides a carefully planned free workshop by Dr. Jennings that helps you learn how to lose fat in a supportive community. Our customized programs will not cause any problems, and sticking to them will not be an issue. Once you witness results, you will be motivated to succeed. When you work with O’Connor Health Center, you will transform not only your look and feel but also your life! Adopting healthy habits is not easy but remember, most good things take a long time.

To learn about our weight loss programs and how they can help you, schedule an appointment with O’Connor Health Center at (650) 334-1010 today.

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