Here’s How You Can Quickly Lose Weight

Obesity is a severe health problem in the United States. Today, around 4 in 10 people fit in the category of obese. The pandemic has further escalated this health issue. A survey conducted by American Psychological Association found that about 42% of Americans have gained weight. It was not only for adults but children too who had gained weight. The pandemic pushed people to lead a sedentary lifestyle, decreased physical activity, delayed medical care, food insecurity, and a lot of stress. People became less mobile with fewer activities and opportunities to socialize with friends and acquaintances.

Obesity can affect your life in many ways. It may increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, leading to heart disease and stroke. Several risk factors for becoming obese include unhealthy eating habits, inactive lifestyle, medications, age, pregnancy, lack of sleep, hereditary, stress, and gut bacteria (microbiome).

We know everybody is busy in their own lives, with family responsibilities, job commitments, finances, and so on. A lot is happening in everyone’s life, and the stress keeps growing. If you are juggling many things in your life and don’t have time for yourself or anything else, it is time for you to rethink it. Parenthood is a whole new responsibility and may require a significant commitment from your end. If you fall between the cracks, it is time you up your game. You might want to re-work your schedule; calendars can help schedule your appointments and track where you are wasting your time. Then you may find ways to combine your time, such as watching something while exercising on the treadmill or talking on the phone while driving. You may combine activities that are possible and not a distraction for you.

Moreover, it is crucial to focus on high-priority tasks rather than worrying about each and everything in life. Sometimes, good is enough than putting in that extra effort that will fetch no gains. So, try not to be overwhelmed with everything, prioritize things, and get going.

We understand your struggle, and if you want to lose weight, O’Connor Health Center might help you. O’Connor Health Center provides fat loss programs where patients can reap benefits without surgeries, prescriptions, injections, diet pills, or more. Before the program, we provide a carefully planned free workshop by Dr. Jennings that helps you learn how to lose fat in a supportive community. Our customized programs will not cause any problems, and sticking to them will not be an issue. Once you witness results, you will be motivated to succeed. When you work with us, you will not only transform the way you look and feel but transform your life!

To learn about our weight loss programs and how they can help you, schedule an appointment with O’Connor Health Center at (650) 334-1010 today.

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