Do You Think Starving Can Help You Lose Weight?

Have you been skipping meals to lose weight? Are you starving yourself in the quest to lose weight? If you are answering yes to these questions, then you should probably think again before continuing your routine. You’re probably mistaken if you think it can help you lose weight. Starving can kill vital cells in your body that require glucose and other nutrients. The death of cells is known as apoptosis; it happens more systematically; when cells do not get the nutrients needed to function, they will die, affecting their immunity levels. It can result in significant muscle mass loss and water weight to dehydration. Then you are more likely to feel hungry and overeat or have deficiencies.

Starving is not a solution; it does more harm to your body than helps you lose weight. Even if you find some difference after you starve, it can be hard for you to continue losing weight. The body uses fat stores, muscle, and skeletal energy sources if you starve yourself. The body works less effectively and prioritizes essential bodily functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and slowing down of other non-essential functions.

  •    Bones – Your bones may become weak.
  •    Digestion and hunger regulation – You may experience irregular hunger, bloating,       or other digestive issues.
  •    Hair and nail growth – Your hair and nail may become brittle.
  •    Immunity – Your body may have a hard time fighting against infections.
  •    Reproductive health – Your menstrual cycle may be affected.
  •    Skin health – The wounds may take a longer time to heal.

It is an unhealthy state to be in, and your body wants to move out of it. The body needs calories to function properly; first, you may experience weight loss, but eventually, your body will work hard to restore your weight and health as soon as possible.

It also affects your mental health and may lead to harmful eating behaviors, such as aversion to certain foods, fear of food choice, not wanting to try something new, negative relationship with food, too much exercise, and obsession with body weight and size. Sometimes people develop eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.

It may not be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight by starving yourself. We can help guide you on the path of the weight loss journey that will be most beneficial for you without any harmful effects. To learn how our programs can help you, call O’Connor Health Center at (650) 334-1010 today.

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